About us

In its early days, One Refractories’s activities were limited to extracting clay from its own quarry. It was only a few years later that the company specialised in the design of refractory sand mainly used in steel factories. Since then, One Refractories has developed more than 1,000 quality products for various industries and opened an office in the south of France (REFSUD).


Based in Belgium, One Refractories ships its products worldwide via containers, trucks and trains. Our geographic location allows us to easily export through the port of Antwerp.

We aim for a flawless and efficient service that is perfectly suited to the demands and expectations of our customers. We can ensure great quality of our products, as well as an outstanding service and great flexibility. Our production method is efficient and adapted to any quantity, thus ensuring very short lead times.


One Refractories’s mission is to research, design and manufacture quality products. To do so, our company is constantly innovating to provide ever more efficient solutions to its customers.


One Refractories aims to build a solid relationship with its customers, and meet their expectations by adapting to their needs and providing suitable technical solutions and advice.


Great quality
Safety and well-being of our employees
Respect for the environment
Research and development in collaboration with the users
Flexibility of SMEs

“A word from our ceo”

“At One Refractories, our main objective is to ensure full satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this, we strive to provide products of the best quality. Since our early days, we have continued to grow and reach new markets by exporting our goods all over the world. We’re also proud of our Research & Development centre, which allows us to find innovative and efficient solutions for our customers. Finally, we aim to reduce the ecological footprint of our industry and steer our activities in this direction while paying close attention to the safety, respect and well-being of all One Refractories workers and employees.”


One Refractories has always focused its activity on the customers’ main concerns. Since our early days, One Refractories’s Research & Development department has been innovating in the field of monolithic refractory concretes and constantly adjusting its know-how to new technologies and other specific demands.