Founded in 1925, One Refractories is a family company specialising in refractory material. Focusing on its ecological impact as well as the safety and well-being of its employees, One Refractories is constantly innovating to provide ever more efficient solutions to its customers.


One Refractories provides a wide range of monolithic products to meet the needs of its customers in the cement, iron, steel and heat industries. We’ll happily answer all your specific needs and questions.

Our products

One Refractories specialises in the study, elaboration and manufacture of aluminous monolithic refractory concretes.

From simple clay to the most technical materials, we only use raw materials selected under strict specifications. In order to meet the requirements imposed by our industries, they are often combined with other synthetic ceramic compounds.

Worldwide export

Based in Belgium, One Refractories ships its products worldwide via containers, trucks and trains. Our geographic location allows us to easily export through the port of Antwerp.


One Refractories has always focused its activity on the customers’ main concerns. Since our early days, One Refractories’s Research & Development department has been innovating in the field of monolithic refractory concretes and constantly adjusting its know-how to new technologies and other specific demands.